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Kholmskneftegaz Company is one of the top vertical-integrated company in Russia Federation that has been operating for more than 10 years with sustainable growth and development in the sector of exploration, production and exportation of hydrocarbons, production of petroleum products, crude oil, natural gas and petrochemicals, exporting, marketing and sales of Diesel Fuel, Fuel oil, Jet Fuel, Gasoline, Automotive gas oil, heavy fuel oil Mazut M100, Bitumen, Liquefied natural gas, Liquefied petroleum gas, Russia export blend crude oil (REBCO), Aviation Kerosene, boiler fuel, Low Sulphur Euro 4 and Euro 5 Diesel and its products to foreign and domestic market.

Corporate Governance
Social Responsibility
Technology & Innovations

In compliance with Kholmskneftegaz Company strategy, good developed process of corporate governance is one of the main elements in establishing a balanced, dynamic, vertically integrated company of global stature.Kholmskneftegaz Company is building good corporate governance system practicing openness and transparency and strictly complying with Russian Government legislation.

Socially responsible business is one of the top strategic goals of Kholmskneftegaz Company.

We acknowledge that continuous and sustainable development of the Company is directly related to its position on corporate social responsibility in region of operation and all over Russian Federation.

Kholmskneftegaz Company increasing it product quality, improving company business efficiency, company environmental friendliness, and company industrial safety are top priorities in innovation, scientific and technological development.To achieve and actualize these important objectives, Kholmskneftegaz Company upgrades its existing production facilities and technological processes,